The Comfort Zone

We’re all drawn to cycling for different reasons; maybe for fitness, to lose weight, or to make new friends; maybe rehabilitation from an injury in another sport. Whether you’re rediscovering that wonderful feeling of childhood or just now discovering your wings, this is your place. That’s the beauty of cycling. It meets you where you are. It is patient with every rider, no matter the level of fitness or skill. It’s a gentle encourager, always allowing you the opportunity to ride just a little further, a little faster but doesn’t judge if you can’t this time. Like a noble steed, it waits until YOU are ready.

That’s what the Comfort Zone is all about; a place to learn about cycling, discover its wonder, and to have fun in a beginner-friendly environment. Sometimes new riders get discouraged. The spring sun starts shining, maybe a New Year’s resolution kicks in and you jump on a bike. The seat’s too low, the tires need air, and you ride way too far, probably in the wrong gear, The result is tired achy muscles and maybe that’s it, you decide maybe cycling is not for you.

Come to the Comfort Zone. We’ll help you find out that maybe cycling is for you. The rides will be easy-paced (8-12 mph average) and no one will be left behind. We will also keep the mileage short, 10 to 25 miles, depending on the needs of the group. From time to time we will also have mini-clinics to answer your cycling questions.

The Comfort Zone is open to any rider desiring a comfortable easy riders, hybrids, matter your level of fitness. Faster riders are welcome too. A cue sheet will be provided and faster riders can strike out on her own, but the ride leader will stay back with the CZers. The Comfort Zone rides are listed on the Ride Calendar, so check there for location and time.