Semi-Fast 18-20 MPH


Apr 2, 2017 - 5:23PM


Thursday 5:30 MBC Semi-fast social ride

Location: 2765 Taylor Lane Eagleville TN 37060 Its just south of the bottom of Hill rd.

This will be a no drop structured ride aimed at 18-20 mph avg.(non racer)(Basically riders that ride 2-3 days a week) The route will be the same but sometimes run in reverse. There will be a couple of sprint and KOM segments if you want to mix it up just a little but we will re-group right after each. The end of the course has a 3 mile loop that we will do a number of laps working on going fast in a pace line. The loop is just south of the starting point so if you need to go you can or do as many laps as others want to.I will make this a segment so we can keep up with our progression.

Route: http://

Please park in the grass just inside the fence next to driveway. This is a social ride and beers are welcome after ride. Hope to see you on Thursday.

Ride Location: 
Ride Leader: 
Corey K 573-1370
Ride Date: 
Apr 27 2017 - 5:30pm