President's Corner - January 2017

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Happy New Year!

2016 was a real stinker at times - but there was plenty of good stuff going on as well.  Babies, weddings, rides across the country, rides around Texas, rides around Tennessee, rides up the Natchez Trace, houses sold, houses bought, new pets brought us joy, and life continues on - sometimes like a downhill with a tailwind - but sometimes like an uphill with a headwind. 

2017 will most likely be more of the same - and if you choose to find the good in it - you will. And when you can't find the good - get on your bike and ride!

Watch the message board and Facebook Group for impromptu rides until the ride season gets cranked up again.  The Chili Ride has been moved to January 28th, and the Kick Off Ride will be April 1. Stay tuned for more information about those rides.

Hope to see you out there soon!