President's Corner - Fall musings

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Twenty years ago, September of 1997, I did my first "T-shirt" ride - Race the Trace with Lance Armstrong. (who knew!) - (If you've heard this story before, skip to the next paragraph :)) I was on my Specialized Hard Rock mountain bike, and about 5 miles into the ride, I had a nasty wreck. Like - in an ambulance, transported to Baptist Hospital wreck.  Thankfully nothing was broken, just lots and lots of road rash, some stitches, and a sprained rotator cuff. 

James Raper took my bike to MOAB - when MOAB was over on Greenland drive on the second floor of a little house. Mark Dement graciously repaired my banged up bike - and that's when I fell in love with cycling.  Soon after that I bought my first road bike - a Lemond Buenos Aires. David Drye has one just like it, and I'm planning to buy mine back from Don Cherry, who has taken great care of it since I sold it to him. (and  once I healed up and could bend my knees without them bleeding, I did go back and finish that 25 mile ride on Natchez Trace on my repaired Mt. Bike) 

In 1998, I joined the Murfreesboro Bike Club, and began showing up for club rides - and was always the last one in. Kay Harvey, Lynn Wilson, Brenda Leblanc, and Larry Tolbert, all taught me how to read a map, ride my bike safely, and how to change a tire. I was hooked. 

In 1998, I volunteered to work the Two County Metric and then volunteered to work the HOT 100. As a team, we worked hard to put on some of the best 'pay' rides in Tennessee.  And we still do. I'm proud of the members who have come together again this year, to make the 27th Annual HOT 100 an amazing event.

This club has become my extended family. It has been my priviledge these last few years to serve as the president of this group. And oh the memories we've made together! I am so looking forward to what the next 20 year may bring.