It's the end of August - may as well do the old HOT 100 Routes!

I did not re- route them from the church - so please note - you'll take a left onto Hwy 99 - once you pass the Elementary School you'll be on route. 

102.9 market at 22, 30(?), 52 and 81 if you go off route just a little bit.

63.3 miles Market at mile 22 and 52.

This one is routed from the Church:46.6 miles - market at mile 22

And 32.6 - left onto Hwy 99 - once you pass the school, you'll be on route - no market.

Print your own cue sheet or download route to your GPS unit.

Ride Location: 
Ride Leader: 
Club Ride
Ride Date: 
Aug 26 2017 - 7:00am