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President's Corner - Holiday Edition !!!


Wishing you all a peaceful, love filled holiday season - now, go ride your bike. 


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President's Corner - Fall musings


Twenty years ago, September of 1997, I did my first "T-shirt" ride - Race the Trace with Lance Armstrong. (who knew!) - (If you've heard this story before, skip to the next paragraph :)) I was on my Specialized Hard Rock mountain bike, and about 5 miles into the ride, I had a nasty wreck. Like - in an ambulance, transported to Baptist Hospital wreck.  Thankfully nothing was broken, just lots and lots of road rash, some stitches, and a sprained rotator cuff. 

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President's Corner - September 2017


It's beginning to feel a lot like Fall! I love the cooler temps for riding this time of year.  I'm sure there will be a few more hot days - but those should be dwindling away quickly. 

October 14th is our 28th edition of the Heart of Tennessee Century.  If you are a club member, we really need you to volunteer to work that date. You can ride the routes the weekend before during our preview ride.

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President's Corner Summer 2017


How can it be almost time for kids to head back to school? Seems like just last week it was May and I was typing my latest Blog.  Life has been moving along so fast these days, I hardly have time to sit down and think.

We have an amazing committee working on the 27th Annual HOT 100.  The date is Saturday October 14, and if you haven't volunteered to help yet - be sure to reach out to me or Bill Heim so we can get you plugged in somewhere.

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President's Corner June 2017


Spread the word! The Heart of Tennessee Century has moved location and dates! We will be hosting our ride from the Community Care Center of Rutherford County on Saturday, October 14, 2017.  We have an awesome committee working hard to put together an amazing set of routes, rest stops, SAG team, and post ride meal.  Stay tuned for details - and if you are a club member - please see me or Bill Heim to sign up for a job.

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President's Corner - April/May 2017


OFFICAL PSA - if you have not joined or renewed your membership by the end of April - you will not be on the ride sign in sheet nor will you recieve our spectacular fact filled monthly Newsletter. $20 for individual; $30 for family (including all sharing a household) - gets you coverage by our supplemental accident insurance, discount at MOAB, and lots of fun activites with other folks who love cycling like you. What are you waiting on? Go here to join now:

Rain Rain Go Away! 

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President's Corner - March 2017


According to the calendar, Spring is still a couple weeks away - however, I think we have had Spring most of the winter. I hope everyone has had opportunities to ride outside - because the ride season officially opens in 3 short weeks!

The Annual Cary Way Kick Off Ride will be April 1, riding from the home of Bill and Judy Heim. We will have a pot luck after the ride. Watch your email and the message board for details. Address for Bill's is 2925 Spain Hill Rd, Lascassas,TN 37085.

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President's Corner - January 2017


Happy New Year!

2016 was a real stinker at times - but there was plenty of good stuff going on as well.  Babies, weddings, rides across the country, rides around Texas, rides around Tennessee, rides up the Natchez Trace, houses sold, houses bought, new pets brought us joy, and life continues on - sometimes like a downhill with a tailwind - but sometimes like an uphill with a headwind. 

2017 will most likely be more of the same - and if you choose to find the good in it - you will. And when you can't find the good - get on your bike and ride!

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President's Corner - December 2016


I would like to take this time and space to wish you all a holiday season full of peace, love, family and friends. December can be a crazy stressful month but how ever you choose to celebrate, or not, I would encourage each of you to take time to reflect on what is good in your life, and what brings you joy and happiness. 

My goals for 2017 are reflected on a new plaque hanging in my office at work - I will continue to strive to "Be Kind, Work Hard, Speak Truth, Love Others, Show Grace, Be Grateful". Oh, and to ride my bike - lots. 

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President's Corner - November 2016


November signals the end of the regular ride season for the Murfreesboro Bike Club - but there will still be plenty of good riding this month. Watch the message board and Facebook page for ride opportunities.

If you're not sure how to dress for fall and winter riding - see my blog dated 11.22.15 for ideas on how to layer.  Personally, this is my most favorite time of year for riding - and I plan to do lots of it.

There are several club events scheduled for this winter - keeping us in touch until ride season begins again on April 1, 2017.

Upcoming events:

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