Friday May 29, 2015

Welcome to the
Murfreesboro Bicycle Club!

New Website!

We have been talking about changing our web site for a long time now. Itís finally starting to come together. The temporary address of the new site is (the dev stands for development). Please feel free to go there and use the site.
Not everything has been moved there yet, but what is there is valid information. The ride calendar ride calendar is up to date and is the best place to find information on upcoming rides. Simply go to the ride on which you want information and click on it. This ride calendar will shortly be replacing the PDF ride calendar that is found on the current web site and it may replace the PDF ride calendar that we send out with this newsletter. The message board will continue to be the place to get last minute ride information, but the online calendar can change as changes occur, whereas the PDF calendar is only up to date on the day it is posted.
The Ride Calendar is not the only thing that will stay more up to date. This site requires a webmaster type with special tools installed on his or her computer to make changes. The new site will allow the people who are responsible for a particular piece of information to create and update it themselves, making the information more current and more relevant.
Although you will see a log on box, you will not have to log on. Only those people posting information will need to do that, at least in the beginning. As the site expands, we may require everyone to log on and there may be areas that only club members can access.
Moving information from this site to the new one is an ongoing process. Eventually, all the important information will exist on both sites. When we get to that point, we will turn this site off, and the new one will become . You will get plenty of notice before that happens, both on the web and via emails (for club members).
There will be links on both sites to make it easy to move back and forth. Steve

Join or Renew Your Membership!

If you have not done so already, it is time to renew your membership! If you are not a member, why not join? Membership dues are still ridiculously low, $20 for an individual and $30 for a family. Membership includes a monthly newsletter during ride season, a 10% discount on most anything you buy at MOAB, several planned touring events (with food!) during the year with club provided or discounted food (think Foglights!), and the annual Christmas Party. We are also planning a couple overnight trips this year. To join or renew, go to the Join page. You may join or renew online or by mail.

Come and join us for family fun on two wheels in the Heart of Tennessee. The Murfreesboro Bicycle Club has a full ride calendar from April through October, with many members leading 'off-calendar' rides throughout the year. In addition to our regular rides, we produce the acclaimed H.O.T. 100 in August. We also have picnics, cookouts, and other gatherings throughout the year.

We have rides to accommodate those who are just 'kicking the tires' (see The Comfort Zone) to the hard-core hammer-heads. Check our ride calendar and come join us. Helmets are required for all club rides.

Bike Walk Tennessee

HOT 100

BRAT 2013

Tennessee 3 Feet
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